Sunglass lenses to underline your style

Our urban lens solutions: turning heads, repelling UV rays

Whether you are a colorful individualist, a cool fashionista or an easy-going flaneur, our urban outdoor poriolio offers excellent vision and reliable UV protection for every taste, look and occasion! Select from our wide range of trendy tints and Mirrors to underline your personal style and transform your sunglasses into a fashion statement. Or just relax and enjoy the sunny side of the city – with our self-tinting photochromatic lenses.

Unlimited colors

Want your sunglass lenses to match the color of your hair, your car or just your favorite ouiit? No problem! We offer 26 light tints and gradients for sunny spring and fall days and 20 dark variants for a bright summer in the city.

Uw voordeel:

 Stylish looks and sun protection for every season
 Wide choice of standard solid colours and gradients
 Individual customisation by tinting lenses to sample

Fashionable looks

Add some mystery to your look – enhance your tinted sunglass lenses with one of four trendy Mirror coatings! Besides looking really cool, they also offer you ultimate visual comfort: combined with an anti-reflective coating on the rear surface of the lens, the mirrors decrease distractions from rear-surface reflections. And as with all DuraVision® Mirror sunglass lenses, the fashion mirrors are especially easy to clean, too.

The benefits for you:

 Trendy mirror effect for tinted lenses of your choice
 Unobstructed vision with reduced internal reflections
 Easy cleaning thanks to dirt-repellent properties

Handy self-tinting lenses

Change your surroundings without changing your glasses. Thanks to photochromatic technology our self-tinting lenses automatically adapt to all light conditions: they turn dark in just 15 to 30 seconds when you walk out onto a sunny street from a café, shop or office. Going back in you need to wait no more than 5 to 10 minutes for your photochromatic lenses to be clear again. Excellent vision and suitable UV protection – anytime, anywhere

Uw voordeel:

 Perfect vision at any time with only one pair of glasses
 Adapt faster than any other lenses on the market
 High durability of the lenses’ self-@n@ng performance

Full UV protection

Enjoy the sun without harm! Mirror offer 100% UV protection – even with a light-coloured tint your eyes are safe and sound. However, you still need to choose the optimum solution for your eyes’ sensitivity: pale and gradient colours are more suitable for weak sunshine and low luminosity, with solid dark tints protec@ng you from very bright light. And self-tinting lenses always provide you with the protection you need.

The benefits for you:

 Suitable sun protection for all weather and seasons
 Individual choice of different light absorption levels
 On-the-spot prevention with self-tinting lenses

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